SilverStripe, the platform of choice for Web Studios

Web Studios specialise in using the SilverStripe CMS. SilverStripe is the perfect system for use on small one page websites right though to enterprise size applications. 

Adding and editing content is very straight forward and each of our SilverStripe website builds have customised editing features for their clients. You only have exactly what you need and nothing you don't need for keeping your website up to date.

Web Studios have been working with SilverStripe for over 6 years. We also use a network of web developers from around New Zealand and abroad who also have extensive experience in the CMS as well. Being a New Zealand made CMS and framework, SilverStripe also has a large development community in New Zealand and overseas. SilverStripe is an open source platform, which means it is constantly being updated by the community on all things from security to new CMS features. This is one of the reasons Web Studios choose to build all of their sites in the software and of course it is so great to use!